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Spartan High School Style – American High School attempt their own (terrible) version of ‘Gangnam Style’


AN AMERICAN High School has an unexpected viral hit on their hands after their version of ‘Gangnam style’ proved to be a hit online.

Students from Spartan High School in Pennsylvania shot the video in an attempt to raise school spirit – and it’s certainly raised the spirits of many internet viewers.

The four minute long cringe-fest features students poorly superimposed on the school roof, as well as awkwardly dancing teachers and staff.

It appears many of the students just took part to get out of class – as their lack of enthusiasm or school spirit in the video seems to suggest.

However perhaps the best part of the video is the attempt to add their own lyrics – by muting parts of the original song and just singing over it.

The video currently has well over 300,000 views on YouTube.

Words can do it no justice – it must be watched.

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