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Smith: Beyonce words made my life


Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Sam Smith has joked he doesn't need to achieve anything else in life now that Beyonce has complimented his singing.

The Stay With Me singer performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in August and clocked up a host of new celebrity fans, including Beyonce.

He told the Daily Mirror: "Beyonce asked to meet me, so I went in and said 'Hi'. It was amazing, she took my breath away. She said my voice is like butter, so I am done for life now. I don't need to do anything else."

Sam added about stars including Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez wanting their photos taken with him: "It was a really odd experience. It felt like I was plucked out of secondary school and put into the VMAs. It was really random.

"It was crazy to meet J-Lo. She was leaning over the balcony watching me singing, which made me really nervous."

The British singer has become a huge star in the US and said: "I always thought if America was going to happen it would be two years, three years or after the second record. But everything happened at the same time - it was really weird.

"The minute I did Saturday Night Live everything exploded. I performed Stay With Me for seven million viewers. It is unheard of because the people they normally have on that show are Rihanna and Pharrell Williams. That made it more scary as they were taking a huge chance on me.

"Afterwards I was so relieved. It was the happiest I had ever been in my entire life. It felt like a groundbreaking moment."

He said of his plans for the future: "I keep trying to make plans for my second record but I realise I have got to live it, kiss some people and fall in love. Whenever I think about a song I make a really bad Beyonce song.

"Every day it gets a little bit more insane. I'm just scared for when that's going to stop... if it's going to stop."

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