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Singer Damien Dempsey’s RTÉ documentary praised by viewers for its ‘cathartic’ spirit


Damien Dempsey - August 2022

Damien Dempsey - August 2022

Damien Dempsey - August 2022

Many people have posted on social media to praise Irish singer-songwriter Damien Dempsey’s documentary which aired last night.

The Dubliner (47) filmed Love Yourself Today live at Vicar Street and throughout Dublin in the run-up to Christmas 2019.

Filmmaker Ross Killeen shot the documentary in an attempt to capture the raw and emotional nature of Dempsey’s gigs.

“When Ross came to me with the idea for the film, I thought, he’s never going to be able to capture what goes on in that room,” Dempsey told The Ryan Tubridy Show on RTÉ.

“But somehow, he did. I was amazed by it, I think because he made it about the fans and not about me. It’s very healing.”

Mr Killeen said the film is about hope, positivity, nature and the power of healing.

“It’s important to say while everyone is in bits in the concert, Damien makes everyone feel great when they’re walking out with the last song. I walked out of that gig feeling amazing that I was two stone lighter,” he said.

“When you’re in the gig and looking around you realise everyone has a story and there’s all generations in that room and it’s all relative to them.

“It’s trying to understand what it is about his music that resonates so deeply with the fans and what they’ve been through.”

Dempsey urged people to seek help and speak out about any trauma they have endured throughout their life. He said music is his “healing force”.

“You have to talk about it and face it head on and talk about it, that’s the only way it ever heals. You have to sort of let it go and forgive,” he said.

“I have the music, the music sort of helps you, it puts you on a better vibration.”

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Viewers heaped praise on the “inspirational” musician and acknowledged the “cathartic” nature of the documentary.

One Twitter user said: “Damien Dempsey is without a doubt the best singer/songwriter to come from this island in the last 30 years. His level of passion and enthusiasm is unmatched.”

Another said: “Damien Dempsey’s documentary just proves the power of music and how it can literally change someone’s life.”

While another wrote: “A poet, a singer, an inspirational social commentator, a healer. Damien Dempsey is amazing and this documentary is just fantastic.”

Love Yourself Today is available to watch on RTÉ Player.

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