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Shakira is 'a danger to children' and 'promotes lesbianism', Colombian politician petitioning for ban on singer claims





Shakira is a sign of ‘moral decay’ and is ‘a danger to children’, a politician from the singer’s native Colombia has claimed.

Public Option party councillor Marco Fidel Ramirez, from the Colombian capital of Bogota, had a visceral reaction to the star’s latest music video with Rihanna.

Ramirez claims that the pair could promote outbreaks of lesbianism and encourage smoking.

"Our Shakira with her erotic video is promoting tobacco usage and has become the worst example for our youth," he wrote on Twitter.

"Shakira's new video is a shameless case for lesbianism and immorality. It is a danger to children," he added, using the hashtag #PeligroVideoShakira, which translates to ‘Dangers of Shakira's Video.’

"It sends a provocative message to weak people who can be polluted and induced to practice (lesbianism)," he continued.

He went on to describe the video, rather bizarrely, as an “apology” for lesbianism.

However, Ramirez has since started a petition demanding that the country’s National Televison Authority ban the video outright and boycott the singer, who is largely heralded as the nation’s biggest musical export.

Shakira, who is married to Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, is yet to respond to Ramirez’s comments.

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