Thursday 14 November 2019

Scissor Sisters: Gaga rocks a robe

The Scissor Sisters would like to work with Dolly Parton
The Scissor Sisters would like to work with Dolly Parton

The Scissor Sisters have revealed Lady Gaga insists on staying at the cutting edge of style behind closed doors.

The Take Your Mama band supported the superstar during her Monster Ball Tour earlier this year - and said the in-demand star had no time to relax backstage.

"When I saw her off stage she'd be getting ready for her show and she'd be in make-up and wigs and a very fierce, fashionable bathrobe," singer Ana Matronic said.

"She's very warm and very welcoming, as was her whole crew. We just had a really great time and made amazing friends with her back-up singers and band, and she was knee-deep in promo for her new record so she was doing two-hour shows and then six hours of promo every day."

The group - who performed earlier this month at the Guinness Arthur's Day celebrations in Dublin - have collaborated with Kylie Minogue and Sir Elton John in the past, but said their dream duet is proving elusive.

"We always say Dolly Parton, but she's a tough one. She's very busy, so who knows," instrumentalist Babydaddy, 35, said.

"We've approached her before and the timing isn't right or maybe she doesn't feel like a Scissor Sister, she just wants to be one from afar."

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