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Say It Again Sam: Smith On ...

Say It Again Sam: Smith On ... the pivotal moments of his career as a writer and performerWinning The Sound Of prize

"At first I didn't worry about it. The closer it got, and the more of a possibility it became, [the more] I wanted [it]. Purely because it would help the music. I want the best possible platform to reach people."

Early Struggles With Stage Fright

"I did musical theatre from a young age and had always been given stage direction. To go from that to suddenly being up there, without having someone tell you what to say, was difficult. I found it tough."

Writing His Debut Album

"I panicked. I didn't know what to sing about. Then, I thought, 'hold on a second, I have been in love, so, I'll write about that'. The message of the album is that unrequited love is as strong as 'real' love."

The Dangers Of Fame

"The thing that wrecks your head is when people come out of the woodwork – individuals who weren't very nice to you and now want you be your friend because you've had a bit of exposure. I've had a little bit of that already. It messes with you."

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