Saturday 14 December 2019

Sam Smith: I want to live a little

Sam Smith has worked hard on his album and is ready to party
Sam Smith has worked hard on his album and is ready to party

Sam Smith has admitted after finishing his first album he wants to enjoy the rock and roll lifestyle for a while.

The La La La singer worked hard on his debut The Lonely Hour all last year, and now he's ready to let his hair down.

Sam, 22, said: "I feel like I wrote so much last year, and I want to live a little bit; go drinking, enjoy my gigs, meet my fans and all that, before I get too heavily involved in writing again. Then I'll have more to write about."

The young singer-songwriter got his first manager at 12, and by 18, after changing managers several times and writing and disgarding numerous songs, he was already worried he was wasting his youth.

"By 18, I was already sad about my career and how things were going," he revealed.

"I felt like I'd tried really hard. At the same time, I didn't want to waste my youth. I didn't want to be that guy who was trying to a singer for my entire life. Other things are important to me; I want to travel, I want to fall in love, to see the world and so on. I was worried I was missing out."

In 2012 Sam teamed up with dance duo Disclosure and wrote Latch, which charted at No 11.

"I was working in a bar when Latch was released," he revealed. "It used to come on the radio when I was working, and a friend in the restaurant next door would run in every time it was played. We had balloons and champagne to celebrate it going to No 11, but I'd still have to serve customers."

:: Sam Smith releases his debut album In The Lonely Hour on Monday, May 26 and tours the UK this autumn.

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