Wednesday 11 December 2019

Sam Smith: I want to find love

Sam Smith is looking for love
Sam Smith is looking for love

Sam Smith has revealed he is enjoying the dating scene - but he would like to settle down.

The In The Lonely Hour singer has often spoken about how he has never been in a relationship - and he admits that is something he'd like to change.

Sam said: "I'm going on dates, here and there, meeting people. I'm not lonely any more because of that, but obviously I would like someone next to me while I sleep... But I'm working on that."

The 22-year-old Londoner is now famous all over the world - and even counts Beyonce and Mary J Blige among his fans. But Sam has admitted his success has just made him even more ambitious.

"I remember being ecstatic for having 200 Facebook likes... I take that completely for granted now that I have like a million. But I'm now thinking, 'I really would like two million'," he said.

He also wants to be a voice for young gay men and women who look up to him.

"It's so, so deeply important to me to be a spokesperson," Sam said. "I want to be, but not just for gay people, for straight people, for lesbians, transsexuals, anyone in the world. I want my music to relate to absolutely everyone."

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