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Saturday 7 December 2019

Ronnie Wood wants Stones sequel

Ronnie Wood joined the Rolling Stones in 1975
Ronnie Wood joined the Rolling Stones in 1975

Ronnie Wood wasn't happy with Rolling Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane because he wasn't in it that much, the director has revealed.

Brett Morgen made the feature-length documentary about the Stones, which has been released to coincide with the band's 50th anniversary.

Asked whether he'd had any feedback from the band, he said: "Mick (Jagger) turned to me at the premiere in London and said how much he loved the film, and that he was proud of what we'd achieved. I had to pinch myself - I grew up listening to their music, and there he was telling me he loved my work.

"Keith (Richards) was also full of praise. He complimented me on doing a tremendous job. Nobody writes these days. He didn't send a text or email, a Rolling Stone took the time to write me a letter.

"The only person who perhaps wasn't that happy with it was Ronnie Wood. He feels a bit slighted because he was only around for a few of the years we covered.

"The film stops in 1981, and he only joined a few years prior to that. He's really pushing for a sequel so he can be in it, and if I have one regret, it's that Ronnie isn't in the film much. He didn't get the screen time he's worthy of."

Brett said it was the right time for the band's frontman Sir Mick to tell his story, despite having a reputation for not wanting to open up.

He said: "He was incredibly animated and excitable. I don't think he'd been over this stuff in a long time, and we ended up doing 12 or 13 sessions - that's about 35 or 40 hours of interviews. Probably the most intensive sessions he's ever sat through. But it was on his terms.

"Charlie Watts is the reluctant rock star and he says he doesn't really remember much. We did two sessions. Keith Richards has a strong sense of narrative, and is very free-flowing with his storytelling. But he's written a book so it's all fresh to him, and we did five or six sessions. With Mick it was a real sense of discovery all along."

:: Crossfire Hurricane is available on DVD now.

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