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Ronan's simple dictionary of family life

Mumblin' deaf ro

Dictionary Crimes

(Popical Island)


Dubliner Ronan Hession has been making music for the best part of 20 years and was deservedly praised for his idiosyncratic second album, The Herring and the Brine, in 2007.

Now, he's back with a gentle, meditative album that finds beauty in the commonplace. Only the coldest heart would fail to be seduced by the bewitching Cheer Up Charlie Brown, in which Hession contemplates the simple pleasures of family life from his kitchen as his wife and children sleep in the rooms above.

Dictionary Crimes is a lo-fi, homespun affair and that's what makes so many of Hession's songs so touching.

And there's a sincerity here that's bound to beguile even if the elephant in the room -- his severely limited vocal range -- refuses to disappear.

The album will be launched tonight with a gig at Whelan's (upstairs).

KEY TRACKS Cheer Up Charlie Brown

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