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Friday 24 January 2020

Robbie: I resented responsibility

Robbie Williams became a father earlier this year
Robbie Williams became a father earlier this year

Robbie Williams has confessed he resented having to be a responsible parent at first, but he is learning to come to terms with it.

The 38-year-old singer - who became a father in September when wife Ayda gave birth to their first child Theodora Rose - revealed to the Spotify blog his worries about being a good father.

Robbie said: "That really occurs to you when you have kids, you think, 'Oh Christ, I've got to do the right thing!' And I was quite resentful of having to do the right thing at first, but now it's cool, now I want to be my baby daughter's mate.

He added: "But in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, 'She won't get one over on me.'

"There's a whole pie chart of different emotions that you feel, isn't there? There's that first wave of princess miracle ecstasy, then there's the, 'S***, what the f*** do I do with this baby now?'"

Robbie insists baby Teddy looks like him, but he hopes she gets her mother's brains.

He said: "She looks like me. She's got her mummy's lips, which are great; she looks as though, her eyes are blue at the moment, but they'll be turning green, I think. And she looks as though she's got her daddy's nose.

"As long as she gets mummy's smarts. And memory. She'll be cool. And mummy's funny, she's a funny lady, so yeah. I just want a kind, well-mannered person. That's all I ask for, really."

To read the full interview go to spotify.com/blog

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