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Monday 16 December 2019

Robbie: I don't mix with marijuana

Robbie Williams says he 'doesn't mix well' with marijuana
Robbie Williams says he 'doesn't mix well' with marijuana

Robbie Williams has described marijuana as a "lovely drug" - and said it was a pity that it "doesn't mix well" with him.

Referring to the tendency to binge-eat after smoking marijuana, the 36-year-old - whose song Morning Sun is this year's official charity track for Sport Relief - told the Radio Times: "Did you see me last year? Have a look at last year. Yep. Year of the Munchie 2009.

"Weed, it's such a lovely drug. It is such a lovely drug. But it doesn't mix well with me - at all."

He went on: "It doesn't take much to trigger - I mean, I'll get psychosis from having this cup of tea! Seriously. The caffeine in that's enough. Yeah. A cup of tea will make me feel like s***.

"But it's just a shame about weed, because I did love it."

Speaking of his last spell in rehab - three years ago on his 33rd birthday for treatment for addiction to prescription drugs - Robbie said: "I was dying. I got to the point where I really, genuinely didn't care. I'd just got fat and depressed before. Then this one was like, 'you might die'."

But he was "not at all" bothered by the prospect of dying, he said.

The singer said he was first given cocaine by an early 1980s pop star who thought he was joking when he said he didn't know what to do with it.

Robbie has previously suggested that he and Gary Barlow are back in the studio writing songs together.

He told the magazine: "I've got something exciting planned for the end of the year, too. Separate to me.... And that's very, very, very exciting."

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