Wednesday 20 November 2019

Review: Top 3 new singles of the week – Adele, Leona and Loreen

Adele's Skyfall.
Leona Lewis - Trouble
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

WE take a look at three new singles released this week.

Loreen - My heart is refusing me

Loreen is already a rising star of the dance music scene around Europe, and looks to try and consolidate the fan base she’s built with ‘Euphoria’ with new single ‘My heart is refusing me’.

Hardcore fans of the Swede will be aware this is the song she attempted to represent Sweden with at the Eurovision in 2011, failing to secure the ticket.

The new song has its similarities to its predecessor – the pulsing club beat, the drama of the interplay between light and dark and of course Loreen’s fantastic powerful vocals

‘My heart is refusing me’ really does what really great dance music should do – it teases the listener through out, leaving them in anticipation for a big final chorus where all the elements introduced throughout the song come together.

There is a unique dynamic to the song when the ancient chant-like backing vocals help give it an authenticity beyond the usual in the dance genre.

The beautiful dramatic strings in the middle eight play well against the pulsing club beat and synth sounds in the chorus, and Loreen’s vocals tie the two together seamlessly.

This woman is a serious talent – she can move faultlessly from powerful belting vocals to a vulnerable tremor, to the point where you feel her pain and feel her emotions with her.

Lyrically the song is quite dark yet very relatable – the melancholy in the verses is fully explained by the chorus.

How this will perform in the charts remains to be seen – Unfortunately the ‘Eurovision’ tag still carries a certain taboo with it here and in the UK, however she will undoubtedly become a huge star on the continent.

Loreen ‘My heart is refusing me’ – 9/10

Adele - Skyfall

She is probably the biggest star in global music right now, and her singing of the bond theme will be some welcome new music to fans starved while she works on a new record.

Let’s start at the obvious – It’s a Bond song which means a certain sound is to be expected. And although there is the familiar bond strings throughout, the song would still fit comfortably on Adele’s ‘21’ album.

However, as Bond songs go, this one really is a very good one – but we wouldn’t expect anything less from the Grammy award winning songstress.

This is going to go down with ‘Diamonds are forever’ and ‘Live and let die’ as one of the most iconic Bond songs of legendary spy's 50 years on screen.

The song is classic Adele – The brass and the strings adding to the melodrama her vocals bring to the song.

Lyrically it’s clearly not her strongest – but that is one of the victims when writing a song to brief.

Adele’s voice is in fine form – in reality she could sing the phonebook and her strong vocals would lend authority to it.

If the movie is half as good as the theme song we're in for a treat.

Adele ‘Skyfall’ – 8/10

Leona Lewis - Trouble

One Direction may have taken her crown of the most famous former X Factor contestant, but Lewis is clearly still the most talented singer the show has produced.

‘Trouble’ is a real departure for Lewis, it’s clearly more dark and edgy than anything she has released to date, and it is one of those songs which takes a few listens to fully appreciate.

The verses are fantastic, guided by Leona’s range going from her haunting highs down to the beautifully soft lows.

The chorus feeds off the momentum built by the verses, the haunting echoing of the word ‘trouble’ accompanied by the dull thump of the piano works to great effect.

Childish Gambino raps during the middle eight of the song, which on paper really shouldn’t work on a Lewis track.

However the rap really adds a new element to the track, and gives Lewis a bit more edge than we’re used to from her.

The biggest downfall to this song is clearly its ending – it sort of fades to nothing out of nowhere.

As a listener you feel slightly robbed – you’ve stayed with the song as the melodrama develops, yet just as it appears to be reaching its peak it seems to end prematurely.

Overall however it’s a strong return for Lewis, and leaves us in eager anticipation for new album ‘Glassheart’

Leona Lewis ‘Trouble’ – 8/10

All tracks are available to download now.

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