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Raytown revisited -- in Buenos Aires

As a life-long fan of Ringsend pop trio The Blades, I really thought I was seeing things when I spotted a poster for the group in a new worldwide campaign for Nike celebrating Brazilian soccer superstar Ronaldo.

The poster advertises the band playing a Tuesday night gig in The Baggot Inn, a venue synonomous with the group, to mark the legendary player's retirement.

Even more bizarre is that the minute-long Before & After Ronaldo campaign is the work of an ad agency in Argentina.

Former Blades singer Paul Cleary admits he's in shock.

"I'm intrigued by this. My first reaction is that it has to be a poster for some other band called The Blades.

"But how likely is it that a band called The Blades in Argentina are also playing a gig in a Buenos Aires venue called The Baggot Inn?"

We've heard of parallel universes but this is absurd.

So we're left with the thought that out in Argentina, an unseen hand went to the trouble of creating a tribute to his favourite long lost Dublin band by sneaking them into a promo which is being seen around the world?

A crazed bit of fan fanaticism with which this writer can truly identify.

Next Friday night, I will be at The Glastonbury Festival watching U2 perform in front of an estimated 90,000 fans on the huge pyramid stage.

My only issue -- it's not The Blades.

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