Thursday 18 July 2019

Rats help Geldof after Peaches loss

Sir Bob Geldof is grieving the loss of his daughter Peaches
Sir Bob Geldof is grieving the loss of his daughter Peaches

Sir Bob Geldof has told how singing with The Boomtown Rats has helped him to cope following the death of his daughter Peaches.

The Live Aid star reunited with his former group earlier this year and said performing with them has given him an escape from his grief after Peaches died of a heroin overdose in April, aged 25.

Discussing how being back on stage has helped, the 63-year-old told BBC's Front Row: "For those two hours I'm utterly, utterly lost in it."

He explained he is able to temporarily forget the pain of losing Peaches while they are performing.

"Somehow you're allowed this other thing to come out and it is utterly cathartic, and so for two hours I forget it. I forget that stuff," said the singer.

"The solo thing unfortunately I'm living it and I'm articulating it and I'm holding it out, that pain thing and I'm staring at it and I sort of look at it, I know what you are and I know who you are, you miserable miserable...

"And I can see it like a memory stick is how I visualise it. And I insert it back into an available slot in my brain space and that allows you to deal with it.

"But with The Rats, it's expunged and there is a complete clarity afterwards in my head."

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