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Rain forecast for Glastonbury


Wet weather is set to arrive at Glastonbury on Friday

Wet weather is set to arrive at Glastonbury on Friday

Wet weather is set to arrive at Glastonbury on Friday

The world-famous Glastonbury Festival has again been unable to escape its infamous forecast of rain.

While campers will be granted a few dry days to set up their tents, the traditional wet weather will arrive just as the first bands take to the stage on Friday.

Only eight of the 32 Glastonbury festivals since 1970 have ever been rain-free, with just one in the past 10 years enjoying four dry days of sunshine.

This year temperatures are predicted to hover around 21C and 22C throughout the event, but showers will blight the performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Around 90% of the 135,000 campers are expected to descend on the south-west England farm on Wednesday to see headliners Florence And The Machine, Kanye West and The Who.

John Lee, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, said: "It's looking like the first couple of days at least will be largely dry, Wednesday and Thursday in particular look to be quite fine.

"Unfortunately when the main music starts from Friday, it looks like it's going downhill a bit. We've got lower pressure systems from the Atlantic coming in and there will be rain at times.

"You will need coats and wellies but also a bit of sun cream because obviously the sun is at its strongest at the moment so when the sun does come out between showers, there will be a risk of sun burn.

"It's not going to be a complete washout or mudbath or anything like the scenes we've seen in years gone by."

Half of the festivals have seen widespread mud but particularly bad deluges in 1985, 1997, 2005 and 2007 saw the festival site become an overwhelming mudbath.

The most recent rain-free festival was in 2010 while the highest temperature ever recorded at the festival was 27C in 1984.

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