Wednesday 17 January 2018

Q&A: Everything everything

On their love for take that and a run-in with Jarvis

Ed Power

Ed Power

You've just been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Life-changing moment or fatuous media hype?

We knew that you find out a little bit earlier than it is officially announced. The date was approaching when it was either going to happen or it wasn't. It didn't. So we thought, 'oh well, we'll try again'. Then the call game. We were like, 'holy shit, that's amazing!'

Well, here's a fact that is bound to raise your profile: Take That are fans.

Yeah, Howard came to our shows. It was pretty surreal. It was great that it was Howard too, he's the coolest one.

So, if Take That invited you on the road, you'd be bagsying top bunk on the tour bus in a heartbeat?

We do talk about this. It's quite a funny thought. Of course we would, yeah.

There was a time indie bands were chiefly influenced by other indie bands. Whereas you guys are clearly partial to your bit o' Pet Shop Boys, Beyoncé, LCD Soundsystem and, yes, Take That.

It's a sign of the era, of the iPod culture we have now. People are picking and choosing from all over the place. We are far less tribal, less stuck in our genres than I certainly was when I was a teenager. You used to buy a whole CD and listen to one type of music. Nowadays it doesn't matter whether you're 'supposed' to be listening to something or not.

You toured with Crystal Castles, posh buzz band The Vaccines and dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man. Must have made for a lively after-show party.

It was a bit strange. Crystal Castles are pretty private. The rest of us were quite chummy and got on straight away. Magnetic Man had never done the whole band-on-tour format before. And, with The Vaccines, it was early days for them. They were like, 'holy shit, what are we doing here?' We were like, 'yeah, this is weird for us too'.

Everything Everything performed at Other Voices in Dingle over the winter. Bump into anybody famous ?

We bumped into Jarvis Cocker. I don't mean we got to know him or anything. We got out of the bus and almost literally walked into him.

Everything Everything play Electric Picnic on September 4. The album Man Alive is out now

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