Tuesday 23 January 2018

Q&A: Adam Matthews of Late Fragments

Why they aren't the new Script, how Brandon Flowers has shaped their sound and having a hit with an old Kate Bush song

Ed Power

Ed Power

Don't take this the wrong way Adam, but your new EP sort of reminds us of The Script.

Hmm, The Script. That's a tricky one. Obviously their success encourages and we have been compared to them. We get that sometimes, none of us really understands it

You sound upset. Come on, they're a really popular band!

I'm not a fan of The Script, they're very mainstream. They are also a case of over exposure. When they have a song out, you hear it all the time. It's like The Coronas at the moment. I guess that's what you get: either you are played all the time or not at all.

To be fair, a lot of Irish bands would kill to have The Coronas' profile.

I don't see The Coronas ever making it out of Ireland. Of course, you could also say that about Bell X1. They don't have that much reach. I love them and they play big festivals and stuff. But we would like to have a bigger reach, I guess.

A great many people discovered you via your acoustic version of Brandon Flowers' Crossfire on YouTube. Of all the songs ever written, why cover that?

I love Brandon Flowers. I think he's really good.

Really? The consensus seems to be that he's a wannabe Springsteen with great teeth...

I don't think he's a good singer live. I would choose not to see The Killers or him in concert. It's kind of like watching a car crash. Because I'm the singer in the band, I am scrutinising that and it makes me uncomfortable. But I think his songwriting is amazing. And his sense of style, I am in awe of the way he dresses.

It's interesting that you covered a solo hit of his, rather than something by The Killers. Do you subscribe to the theory he's more interesting as a straight-up pop star than a would-be rock icon?

I thought his solo album was lacklustre, to be honest. I gave it one listen -- Crossfire was the only song that stuck with me. Whereas, The Killers have so many amazing songs. Human... that is just an amazing track.

Fair enough -- just don't try to emulate his facial hair. Your other YouTube 'hit' is a version of Wuthering Heights. Kate Bush fans can be fanatical -- but everyone seems to love your take on the song.

It's actually more a cover of a cover. It was based on Albert Niland's version. I don't think he was happy about us doing it. From what I've heard, it brought more attention to him having done it. And he's been trying to get away from it for 10 years.

There's a tremendous amount of buzz around your new EP. But very few people have actually seen you perform. Why hide yourselves away?

A lot of the gigs you get offered, they really aren't very good. You get asked to do charity gigs. From my experience, you aren't playing to anyone who is interested. You are background music. You get no exposure. The majority of them want you to do covers. We preferred to stay in the studio and record the best EP we could.

Late Fragments' self-titled debut EP is released next Friday. There will be a launch gig on the night at Crawdaddy, Dublin

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