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Q Magazine to close after 34 years

The final edition of the music magazine will be published later this month.


(Q Magazine)

(Q Magazine)

(Q Magazine)

Music publication Q Magazine is set to close after 34 years.

Editor Ted Kessler blamed the decision on the coronavirus pandemic as he announced the move on Twitter.

The final edition of the magazine will be published later this month.

Kessler said he would like to apologise “profusely” for the magazine’s closure.

He added: “We’ve been a lean operation for all of my tenure, employing a variety of ways to help keep our head about water in an extremely challenging print market.

“Covid-19 wiped all that out.”

The magazine’s staff originally thought their previous issue would be their last, however after they were told there was interest in buying the publication they produced another edition, according to Kessler.

Because of the time pressures they were under the issue is a celebration of their “greatest hits” and features re-runs of old articles, he added.

Kessler said that when he became the magazine’s editor there was one thing which scared him.

“I didn’t want to be the last editor of Q,” he said.

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Over the years, Q Magazine has featured interviews with some of the biggest names in music.

David Bowie, Sting, Liam Gallagher, Madonna and Lady Gaga are some of the stars to feature on the magazine’s cover.

The Charlatans front man Tim Burgess said on Twitter that it is “sad news” that the publication is closing.

“Q was good to us over the years, I learned much from its pages, ever since I bought the very first copy,” he said.

Indie band The Vaccines also lamented the closure on social media.

A post from their official Twitter account said: “I still love reading Q Magazine. Dark times.”

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