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Tuesday 24 October 2017


Eamon Sweeney

Eamon Sweeney

O2, Dublin

"I am just a simple girl from the Bronx, don't let all the glitter fool you," quips the artist commonly known as J Lo. For an instant, she dispels all those overheated rumours of insisting on pristine all- white dressing rooms. The overall sheer quality of her show renders such gossip as inconsequential trivia.

Lopez is a thrilling performer serving a not-so- quiet reminder how many hits she actually has.

In fact, we almost forgot she was a singer, lost in the otherworldly whirlwind of A-list celebrity, culminating in the infamous Bennifer relationship with Ben Affleck.

Before the show quite literally explodes into life with fire canons, a standard stage curtain that screams X Factor or Pop Idol contestant has the effect of lowering expectations.

Cosmetics are advertised on the big screen.

Support act Stoosh look and sound like some kind of surreal post-modern joke, almost what you might imagine B*Witched might look like after looting a load of Paul's Boutique gear.

To adopt the age-old Joe Dolan maxim, there ain't no show like a J Lo show.

It's a shocking and pleasantly surprising sight; perfectly choreographed, superbly sung and delivering hit after hit.

Lopez tears out of the blocks with a scene-setting video intro of 'Never Gonna Give' and 'Get Right' followed by a feisty and fiery 'Love Don't Cost A Thing'.

She quite literally packs a fierce punch with a staged boxing match, which is probably the first time a ring has been seen around here since Bernard Dunne was gunning for glory.

Its precise relevance to the set is unclear, but who cares when it looks this good.

It's a smart and brave move to start treading the boards again with this kind of intent, as surely Lopez could do next to nothing as she waits to deposit another $20m pay cheque from American Idol.

Let's face it, any of us would be happy to judge anything on Earth for that kind of money.

To get back on the road and defy expectations in an era when we think it's all been done before and the words longevity and pop seem as distant and remote as Jupiter, J Lo deserves an enormous amount of credit.

In this year alone her idol Madonna hit the road with divisive and disastrous results.

The slick, seamless costume changes, impeccable dancing and Friday night feel-good atmosphere is a joy to behold.

Forget about all that Bennifer garbage and other celeb tattle, this immensely talented woman is not singing or living in anyone's shadow.

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