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Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird



Dividing her time between Berlin and London, Co Meath's Wallis Bird has well and truly flown the incestuous Dublin singer-songwriter coop.

And her music is all the better for it. This is her third album and the self-titling suggests it might be her most personal.

The confessional, confrontational nature of her previous albums remains intact and that's evident from the very first line she sings: "You don't know shit."

But there's a politicised edge to her material that makes all those Ani DiFranco comparisons especially valid.

The album was recorded in London during the August riots last year and that sense of unease with the world has permeated into a handful of the songs.

I'm So Tired Of That Line, meanwhile, is inspired by the economic turmoil in her native land and the overriding sense of despair that has driven so many to seek a new life on foreign shores.

It's both angry and sympathetic, and one of the best songs Bird has yet written.

Bird's music has started to get noticed in her adoptive cities, but it's difficult to see her achieving the sort of breakthrough with this album which surely awaits that other Meath singer, Lisa Hannigan.

Her songcraft isn't quite as accomplished as some of her peers and she has yet to pen a song to stop the listener in their tracks.

She's getting there, though, if the lovely Encore is anything to go by. It's a veritable mission statement, a design for life that all of us might heed sometime.

"It is almost impossible to slow down these days," she sings. "Everyone needs to pause and reflect sometimes."

Key tracks I'm So Tired Of That Line; Encore

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