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Past pupils: where are they now?

Since its establishment in 2001, some 6,000 students have been through the doors of BIMM.

Some have gone on to forge high-profile careers.


The guitar band fronted by Luke Pritchard saw their first album, Inside In/Inside Out reach number two in the UK with follow-up, Konk, topping the chart.

They have sold two million copies to date and embarked on several sold-out tours.

After a change of line-up, Pritchard says the band are close to completing their third album.


The English singer became the first unsigned performer to top the iTunes chart, with her second album, Tim's House, achieving this feat. Since graduating from BIMM, Walsh has released four acclaimed albums to date.

BETH ROWLEY (pictured)

The soul singer earned rave reviews for her debut album, Little Dreamer, in 2008 and one of her songs, 'You've Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger', was the music high point of the BAFTA-winning film, An Education.

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