Monday 23 October 2017

Out of the shadows and into pop sunshine

John Meagher

John Meagher

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Last week's cover star is set to enjoy enormous crossover appeal with this sparkling second album.

I hope such a pronouncement isn't a kiss of death, because George Lewis Jr's hyper-intelligent, meticulously composed electro-indie deserves a far larger audience than he currently enjoys.

Confess takes up where his startling debut album (2010's Forget) left off.

He remains indebted to the polished pop-rock sounds of the 1980s -- seemingly everyone who is anyone is, these days -- but Lewis is certainly no slavish imitator.

His music resonates because his own individualistic stamp is all over proceedings -- from the laid-back atmospherics of Golden Light to the euphoric pop hooks evident in Be Mine Tonight.

The American's pop instincts are present and correct throughout, not least on the insistent, naggingly catchy Five Seconds, while You Can Call On Me finds him trying on R&B for size and discovering it suits him very well indeed.

KEY TRACKS Be Mine Tonight; Five Seconds

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