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Only in Ireland! Bizarre dance track featuring a 90-year-old granny finds its way onto the charts


Daithi's new album Tribes

Daithi's new album Tribes

Galway musician Daithi

Galway musician Daithi


Daithi's new album Tribes

A strange new dance track featuring a 90-year-old Irish granny has bizarrely made its way onto Ireland’s iTunes charts.

The song, called Mary Keane’s Introduction by Daithí, features audio of the artist’s grandmother telling tales of her love affairs in the west of Ireland.

Overlaid with upbeat dance music granny Mary busts out lyrics including: “When we were in our young days we had several boyfriends and you know you’d have them going to dances and there would be no more about it.

“My father would come, and my uncle would come and he’d say ‘Mary there’s a fella over that has a big farm of land. You’ll have to go over and meet him.

“I met my future husband down in Kilfenora and I fell in love with him,” the lyrics go.

Speaking of the track Daithi said: “A few years ago my Grandmother was interviewed about what life was like in Clare when she was younger. When I heard the recording I couldn't believe how personal and heartfelt it was, I hadn't heard anyone her age talk so honestly about love

“I put parts of the interview to some chords I was writing and everything clicked into place. It's a great introduction to the upcoming record, which is inspired by living in the west of Ireland. My Grandmother is 90 years old, and still lives in a thatched cottage in Ballyvaughan,” he said.

The track is the first single from the contemporary fiddler's upcoming album ‘Tribes’.

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