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Nothing compares to you, Joe tells his sister Sinead


Singer and songwriter Sinead O'Connor

Singer and songwriter Sinead O'Connor

Singer and songwriter Sinead O'Connor

SINGER Sinead O'Connor has dedicated her forthcoming album to her novelist brother Joseph, who has in turn penned a stunning tribute to her.

The best-selling author has returned the gesture by penning the sleeve notes to her album ‘Home', which is due out in May.

Joseph writes movingly about his youngest sister, painting a picture of their days as children and paying tribute to her as having “proved herself the Sunday in every f **kin week”.

He writes: “the pride i feel? there ain’t the words. consolation? meaning? she got it in spades – grandchild of guthrie. sean-nós punk. niece of joyce and dylan. cub of grace slick. soul be – underground and it there she be minin’, stick all your liddle categories where the sun – don’t be shinin’. rebel of the morning, voice of all liberties, ringin like a bell through the – cold dublin sky; redemption songs.”

Sinead told the Irish Independent of her delight at her brother’s tribute.

“How cool is that,” she said. “To have the best writer in the world write your sleeve notes. I'm so happy with them. I dedicated the album to Joe because he was my musical hero when I was a kid.

“In fact, he's the reason I got into music. When I was a small I used to walk around with his guitar case trying to be like him, even though it was empty,” Sinead revealed.

There are five years between Sinead (44) and Joseph (49) with the sleeve notes referencing the games of hide and seek they played as children growing up in Dublin.

“I'd forgotten about that but Joe remembered. The trick was always to change jumpers with a friend so the seeker was looking for someone else,” she added.

However, her relationship with Joseph, whose books including ‘Star Of the Sea' have sold over a million copies and won major awards, at times appeared strained.

In the past, they disagreed over their mother, who died in a car crash when Joseph was 21.

But Sinead said herself and Joseph “never rowed”.

“It was more we were living in different countries. I was in England for 16 years, which made it hard,” she said.

Since she moved back to Ireland, the siblings have become close again. “It's music with Joe and me and has always been. That's what we both love and talk about. It was a couple of weeks ago I first played Joe my new album and he was blown away by it.

“It's different from the last two records which had a theme around them. I didn't have a title for this one so when Joe suggested ‘Home’. I thought ‘brilliant. That's it.’”

Sinead will be one of the guests at ‘The Music Of Light: An Evening With Joseph O'Connor and Friends’ taking place at the Abbey Theatre on Sunday, April 3. The evening – the latest in a series run by Joseph – will feature musical performances and readings