Tuesday 24 October 2017

Norman Cook: I can do gigs sober

Norman Cook says it's easy to do gigs sober now
Norman Cook says it's easy to do gigs sober now

Norman Cook has revealed he finds it easy turning down drink while DJing - because the euphoria of remembering his past gigs gets him high.

The superstar DJ, who goes by the name of Fatboy Slim, tackled his alcoholism last year during a spell in rehab and while he is now comfortable with performing sober, he admitted it took him a while to get used to it.

Speaking before his headline performance at the Cool Britannia festival in Cape Town, South Africa, he said: "It took about a month to get my head around DJing sober because I'd always been right in the middle of the party, and suddenly I was on the outside and watching the other people party. It took a while but it's just a different mindset."

He went on: "There's a thing I learnt in rehab called euphoric recall which is where you've got so much serotonin going on in your head from the parties you've had before. I just get carried away when I see other people partying."

And he said festival organisers are left bemused by his high-energy performances without drugs or alcohol.

Referring to a recent performance in Durban, he said: "The bloke offered me a drink afterwards and I said 'no thanks, I don't drink' and he went 'I'd like to know what pills you're taking then!'. I was like 'actually, no this really is natural'. So I've still got enough memories of partying to do it without a drink."

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