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Ne-Yo knocked out by Cheryl Cole


Ne-Yo was bowled over by Cheryl Cole's beauty

Ne-Yo was bowled over by Cheryl Cole's beauty

Ne-Yo was bowled over by Cheryl Cole's beauty

Ne-Yo has told how the first time he met Cheryl Cole he didn't understand a word she said - because he was so bowled over by her beauty.

The hip-hop star revealed he would love to work with the Girls Aloud singer, but the first time they met he didn't listen to what she was saying.

Ne-Yo told The Daily Star: "I remember being blown away, she is breathtakingly gorgeous - it was difficult to talk to her, cos she'd say something and I'd be like 'Huh?'"

He went on: "I missed everything she said cos I was just staring at her."

He added: "I definitely want to work with Cheryl - I pride myself on my taste.

"I remember meeting with her late in 2009 about doing some stuff and unfortunately it was right before I went off to do my movie Red Tails, so I never got a chance to get in.

"She's a great artist. I actually caught a couple of her performances on the internet. Tell her to give me a call."

The 30-year-old Closer singer would also like to work with Cheryl's former protege, X Factor winner Alexandra Burke.

He said: "Everybody is always raving about her performances. I haven't had the opportunity to spend any real time with her, but I look forward to doing that at some point before I leave this planet. If she needs help on her American album then she should pick up the phone."

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