Monday 20 May 2019

‘My Limerick fans need some special attention – I will make sure they get tickets’

Country singer goes on local radio in Limerick to promise fans they will get tickets to his fourth concert date

Garth Brooks announces he will play Ireland for the first time in 17 years with two dates at Croke Park, July 25th & July 26th.
Garth Brooks announces he will play Ireland for the first time in 17 years with two dates at Croke Park, July 25th & July 26th.
Garth Brooks announces he will play Ireland for the first time in 17 years with two dates at Croke Park, July 25th & July 26th, for the Irish leg of his tour 'The Garth Brooks Comeback Special Event', Croke Park, Dublin.
Garth Brooks is eager to return to the scene of one of his "best shows ever" when he plays Croke Park this summer.
The event ended up being a best-selling DVD for the country superstar, who is now 51.
Brooks, who flew into Dublin to announce the double header concerts, believes his Croker gig was "one of the best shows I ever did".
Fans from across the globe are expected to snap up tickets when they go on sale next week, with many fondly recalling his last Irish performance 17 years ago.
"In 1997, we were lucky enough to play Croke Park," he said, although the stadium was then being redeveloped.
Fans of the 'Friends in Low Places' singer had caught wind of his imminent arrival, some even tracking his plane and gathering outside Croke Park yesterday ahead of the announcement.
"I was quoted then as saying 'When this stadium is finished, I would love to come back and try to fill it again. . . this time to the brink'.
Glenda Gilson was at croke Park to interview the super star for Xpose.
Gerry Kelly had got wind of the announcement and turned up at Croke Park.
Larry Gogan from RTE attended the annoucement of the two concerts at the Dublin stadium.

Frustrated Garth Brooks fans in Limerick will be getting some “special attention” from the country superstar.

Speaking on local radio in Limerick this morning, Brooks (53) said he was inundated with calls from people in Limerick who were unable to get their hands on tickets for his three Croke Park gigs in July. At one stage, gardai were called after a ticket outlet in the city ran out of tickets.

And so he added a fourth date to his Ireland comeback special  – and has promised to give special attention to his fans in Limerick.

Speaking on Limerick’s Live95FM this morning, Brooks told his fans in the Treaty city he would be ensuring they get tickets for the fourth concert date, which was announced this morning.

“It’s important the people of Limerick get some attention, they’re sweet people.’’

“We felt very lucky that three [gigs] had gone but the phone calls started coming in, especially from Limerick.

“Evidently they had some sort of problem down there so we wanted to make sure because there should be nobody in Ireland disappointed,’’ he said.

“We’ll make sure that everyone on the ground there gets tickets,” he added.

After all the talk of floods, the singer decided to lift spirits and he told the local station that he was “so sorry to hear the news” of the flood damage.

Presenter Joe Nash explained to the country singer that it had been a tough week for the residents of Limerick.

Asked if there was any chance he would play a gig in Limerick, the worldwide star laughed, ‘‘That’s very sweet, I’ll play a gig anywhere we can, I just enjoy coming to Ireland.’’

Gardai were called to deal with disappointed Limerick fans last week after tickets were sold out.

Some 100 fans were left without tickets this morning after queuing in Gleeson’s Sports Scene for a number of hours.

Some of the fans had been queuing for 48 hours.

“We jumped in on the situation because we didn’t know what happened. Ticketmaster has assured us that they will have representatives down there to make sure the system goes smoothly,” Brooks explained.

Peter Aiken ‘‘personally promised’’ the star that everyone in Limerick will get tickets.

“How they handled it, they were very gracious and sweet about it even though it was a tough time,” he spoke of the Limerick fans.

The singer will now play Croke Park Friday 25, Saturday 26, Sunday 27 and now Monday 28 of July.

Tickets for the extra date will go on sale this Thursday, February 6 at 9am from Ticketmaster outlets and online.

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