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My Hard Days and Long Nights with . . .

Eric Clapton

"I always seemed to be walking on eggshells around Eric," O'Dell said about the singer who once threw her out of the house he shared with Pattie Boyd. "But in fact, I realise now, it was due to both our addictions. Alcohol made us both combative, but at the time, I just thought he was being a jerk."

John Lennon

O'Dell once wrote a memo to John and Yoko while she worked at Apple. A friend of hers had just called from New York to tell her about a concert being planned in Woodstock, New York. The organiser wanted to know if Lennon could appear. "No, not really," said Lennon. "But I'd love to go and watch," he said.

Paul McCartney

"There is still a question whether Paul McCartney was thinking of me the day he wrote 'Get Back'," O'Dell told me.

Working at Apple one day -- and high on LSD -- O'Dell, who had lived for some time in Tucson, Arizona, was horrified when she was asked to type the lyrics to a new song by The Beatles, 'Get Back'.

"The first lines I read were 'Jo Jo left his home in Tucson, Arizona/ For some California grass'. And I went, 'Oh my God, they're telling me I should leave,'" she said. "And then somewhere in LA, I guess a year or two later, George and I were driving somewhere and he said, 'Well Paul wrote that song 'Get Back' about you, didn't he?'"

"That's always been a question that only Paul can answer," said O'Dell, "but I actually don't think so, to be honest. But I would love to ask him."

Bob Dylan

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O'Dell called Dylan the most organised and professional of all the musicians she worked with but found his renowned intensity unnerving at times. "He could spend the evening with you. . . having these conversations that are so intimate. And the next morning, you see him in the lobby and he doesn't even notice you. It's like you don't exist."

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