Thursday 21 November 2019

My First Single

Single lovers: (Clockwise from top left) Sean Moncrieff, Alison Curtis, Larry Gogan, Paul McLoone, Karen Koster and Dan Hegarty

Sean Moncrieff

Newstalk 106

'Ballroom Blitz' by the The Sweet. It featured the poptastic hook 'It's, it's...a ballroom blitz'. Klass with a capital K.

Paul McLoone

Today FM

The first single I bought was 'Stand And Deliver' by Adam And The Ants in 1981. Brilliant song from one of the all time great pop stars. Its B-side was a typically spirited paean to the joys of S&M entitled 'Beat My Guest'.


Karen Koster


Embarrassingly my first ever single was Kylie's 'I Should Be So Lucky'.

I remember being devastated when I left it out in the sun, and the record melted and became completely unplayable!

Dan Hegarty


We didn't have a record player when I was a kid, so the first single I bought was 'Drag My Bad Name Down' by The 4 Of Us on cassette single, which I still have somewhere."

Alison Curtis

Phantom 105.2

We didn't buy singles as often in North America as albums. But I was obsessed with INXS in grade seven and loved the album Kick.

I stencilled their name onto all my pencil cases and binders -- it's what you did. So I did go and buy 'New Sensation' when it was released as a single.

larry gogan


The first single I bought was Elvis Presley's 'Jailhouse Rock'. I used to listen to Radio Luxembourg and couldn't believe the sound of this man. It just leaped out of the radio.

If I was a teenager today I think I'd miss the feel of the record and the fun of going to parties with your box of records. I suppose they get a kick putting all their tracks on their iPods.

Irish Independent

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