Thursday 5 December 2019

'My family is in a low place after months of build-up'

Emma Jane Hade

AFTER just getting my hands on a Garth Brooks ticket, my joy was short lived – with fears now growing that none of the concerts will actually go ahead.

I am bitterly disappointed as Garth's big Irish comeback was set to be a family occasion.

When I was young I lived in Germany when my family moved there for a couple of years. And on lengthy drives across the continent, my little brother and I were subjected to our parents' music choices.

But luckily for us, Garth Brooks was among their select musical taste.

My brother and I were probably able to rattle off the lyrics to 'Friends in Low Places' quicker than we could recall our address.

I think I even remember the adorable toddler Gary doing a performance of 'The Thunder Rolls' – he won't thank me for that one, but it is a secret worth disclosing.

However, as the years passed, I regretfully admit that Garth slowly fell to the outer perimeters of my radar as he retreated to his Oklahoma ranch.

But, when Aiken Promotions announced that everyone's favourite cowboy would take to the coveted Croker stage, Garth fever firmly grabbed all of us by the neck.

My parents, aunts and uncles – we were all in.

The family were all lucky enough to snatch tickets when they first went on sale and are due to attend on the Sunday, July 26.

And when my father found out recently that he would be regretfully away at the time of the concert, I was only too happy to quickly grab his ticket.

But now our plans have been thrown into chaos.

My mother is a very placid woman and didn't seem too fussed with the news.

But other relatives weren't so calm, with one aunt telling me: "There was so much hype and build-up over it. And they got us excited and our hopes up for them all to be dashed completely."

Well Garth, you've bitterly disappointed one family, and I don't forgive too easily.

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