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Music world turning girls into 'sexbots' says Church


Singer Charlotte Church has attacked the sexism of the "juvenile" male-dominated music industry, which she said was increasingly promoting "child-like" sex objects.

In a keynote lecture, the singer (pictured) backed calls for an age-ratings system for music videos and said radio executives needed to shoulder some responsibility for playlisting artists who relied on "soft porn" to boost their profile.

Her comments – in an address to radio executives – came as there is increasing concern about the use of sexual imagery to sell music, with singer Miley Cyrus appearing naked in her video for the single 'Wrecking Ball'.

Church, who like Cyrus found success in her early teens, told how she faced considerable pressure to promote her music in ever more suggestive outfits and she said the legacy of revealing outfits is that she faces a barrage of abuse online, being called a "slut" and a "whore".

"Now I find it difficult to promote my music because of my 'history'. But at the time it was the only option presented to me."

Church (27) said women were being "coerced" into sexual roles to cling on to their careers and she classified women who were overtly using sexual imagery to boost their careers such as Rihanna and Cyrus as "unattainable sexbots".

Irish Independent