Thursday 12 December 2019

Music throwback: Beastie Boys

Listen again: Bestie Boys - Hello Nasty

1998 was a strange old year in the world of hip hop. Eminem was a year away, as was the renaissance of Dr Dre. Puff Daddy was the one ruling the roost. Biggie's right-hand man made what remains the most expensive hip hop video of all time for a track that few can remember (Victory, if you're curious).

What was needed was for the entire enterprise to be pared back to its very essence. Step forward, three MCs and one DJ – the Beastie Boys and, with them for the first time, Mixmaster Mike. Hello Nasty contained hip hop of power and purity and served to highlight the talent of musicians Messrs Yauch, Diamond and Horovitz.

The inventiveness of Mixmaster Mike on the turntables is evident from Super Disco Breakin' and The Move. The trio's lyrics are tight as ever, and seem quite apart from the prevailing winds of the day, even hitting out at others misogyny on Song For The Man. The party jams like Body Movin', Remote Control and Intergalactic are sure to have many's the rump shaking. It's a testament to the album's freshness that if you drop Intergalactic on a dancefloor now, sixteen years later, that sucker is guaranteed to fill.

First published in INSIDER Magazine, exclusive to Thursday's Irish Independent

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