Tuesday 24 October 2017

The Waterboys: Modern blues - 'quite an uneven collection but there’s much to admire'

The Waterboys: Modern Blues
The Waterboys: Modern Blues
John Meagher

John Meagher

The Waterboys: Modern Blues (Harlequin and Clown)


Mike Scott and fiddler extraordinary Steve Wickham launched this album in a most understated way – by busking just off Grafton Street (Scott is essentially an honorary Dub by now).

It’s an apt way to showcase an album that has a charmingly rough and ready feel about it. Recorded with some crack US session players in Nashville, these songs that celebrate life’s pleasures and pains offers a reminder of Scott’s well-tuned lyricism and a delivery that remains gloriously lusty.

Wickham’s violin paints captivating brushstrokes and Scott’s words make a play for your heart. Mojo magazine describe it as their best work since 1988’s Fisherman’s Blues and while it’s nowhere close to that level – it’s quite an uneven collection – there’s much to admire here.

Key tracks: ‘Destinies Entwined’; ‘I Can See Elvis’

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