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Saint Sister's top five songs of 2015


Saint Sister

Saint Sister

Saint Sister

Saint Sister are relatively new to the music scene (they formed in late 2014) but look set to infiltrate the mainstream next year with their sophisticated and seductive 'atmosfolk' music. Hailing from Belfast and Derry, Gemma Doherty and Morgan McIntyre, have created a unique sound that combines electro-acoustic harp with 60's folk and electronic pop, stirred with hauntingly beautiful soulful harmonies and dreamy synth.

The band released their debut EP in November with the help of Alex Ryan (bassist with Hozier) and supported O Emperor, SPIES, Wyvern Lingo and Will Butler on tour.

2016 looks set to be an even busier year for the girls as they hit SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, The Great Escape in Brighton and A Nous Paris Fireworks in Paris - but before they take off, we've asked them to look back on the year and share their top five songs of 2015.

Villagers - Hot Scary Summer

For me this song is a kind of anti-anthem for the year we've had in Ireland. Conor O'Brien's lyrics, "Remember kissing on the cobble stones in the heat of night. And all the pretty young homophobes, looking out for a fight", remind me that despite our recent achievements we've still got a long way to go together. 

Joanna Newsom - The Things I Say

I love Newsom's lyrics and the way she weaves a melody. This song reminds me of another hero of mine, Joni Mitchell. It's self deprecating and damning, nostalgic but hopeful. "There's an old trick played, when the light and the wine conspire to make me think I'm fine. I'm not, but I have got half a mind to maybe get there yet."  

Spies - Sea Creature

This song means a lot to me for a number of reasons. Our very first gig as Saint Sister was with Spies on their Irish tour. They are an incredible band, full of incredible people. I know every one of their songs off by heart. The accompanying video is also really special - it makes me cry every time. Directed by Bob Gallagher (a brilliant film maker we have the pleasure of working with currently) and starring not only one of my best friends Michael Broderick but also, the love of my life, my sister, Orla MacIntyre.  

Tandem Felix - Moon Tingles


What a title! David's lyrics take me out of my head into the ethereal world of the abstract whilst simultaneously centering me and locating me exactly where I am, in a small flat in Dublin; "You're the one who slaughtered a deer in the Phoenix Park" 

Father John Misty - I Went To The Store One Day

I only heard this song recently. I bought the record for a friend for Christmas because I knew he was a fan. We sat and listened to this song, the last on the album, first. It's so simple and so sad and so beautiful.

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