Wednesday 11 December 2019

Review: Why anyone would pay good money to watch this garbage is beyond me

Rap: Chris Brown, 3Arena, Dublin

Chris Brown
Chris Brown
Eamon Sweeney

Eamon Sweeney

"Chris Brown will appear at 9.30pm," an off-stage announcement booms at the dot of the scheduled stage time of 9pm.

Forty-five minutes of playing Michael Jackson songs over the PA later, and Brown finally graces us with his presence for an abysmally dull show of auto-tuned vocals and watery rapping.

He appears to contribute precious little in terms of live vocals.

Brown drops some human beat-boxing at the end of Drunk Texting, but any aspiring rapper in their bedroom with a bit of flow and practice could do better.

Given his previous, some of his lyrics are at best questionable and ill-advised, and at worst, deeply disturbing."If by chance you're laying next to someone else right now I hope it's the worst sex ever," he raps at the end of the aforementioned song.

The less said about the odious Back to Sleep and its highly dubious content the better.

Rap is often sexist and misogynistic, and coming from Brown is utterly despicable.

There is the perfunctorily bellow of "hello Dublin", and occasionally a few dancers, but there is no imagination or spark to this insipid and terrible show.

Some of the newer beats are admittedly decent, but there as much live music performed as a Dave Guetta 'concert'.

Brown purveys a kind of apocalyptic blend of EDM, pop and hip-hop.

While his vicious assault of ex-girlfriend Rihanna might be some time ago, it shouldn't be forgotten he has been denied visas to perform in Australia before Christmas.

The Canadian authorities also refused him permission to play live earlier this year. The lack of any fuss over this appearance seems to indicate people have very short memories, or simply don’t care.

Putting what happened between him and the Aviva bound superstar firmly to one side, Chris Brown now specialises in musical crimes; phoning in a vacuous and uninspiring show that amounts to little more than a personal appearance.

Why on earth anyone would pay good money to watch this garbage is completely beyond me.

Chris Brown is a crass insult to all genuinely talented artists everywhere.

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