Wednesday 11 December 2019

Listen Again: Pavement - Terror Twilight


In the Pavement documentary Slow Century, multi-instrumentalist Bob Nastanovich informs us that Terror Twilight is "that short period between sunset and dusk". Given that this was to be the band's final album, it would be a fair assessment to say they knew what they were up to when naming the record.

This was the album that introduced me to the unique and oblique charms of Pavement, a band who kind of sounded like a few bands and yet none, all at once. The likes of Spit on a Stranger jumped from my headphones and said, "here, this is your band now".

It's an album with beautiful balance - psych wig-outs are offset by acoustic sweetness. Cream of Gold, a maelstrom of guitar where the inner-band tension leaps from the speakers is followed by the gentle, simple and quite stunning Major Leagues. Foreboding epic The Hexx leads us into the band's poppiest moment, Carrot Rope. And like that, they were gone. Like an indie Fawlty Towers, going out before things got stale and saving a messy divorce.

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