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dEUS - Selected Songs - 1994-2014


dEUS - Selected Songs

dEUS - Selected Songs

dEUS - Selected Songs

There’s a long running joke about the difficulty in naming famous Belgians. The excellence of their football squad makes such a gag redundant (at least for footie fans), but even those who love music may struggle after Jacques Brel, 2 Many DJs and this lot – the case-sensitive dEUS.

Tom Barman and friends were names to drop for 1990s alt.music lovers and two of their songs, the bewitching ‘Hotellounge’ (which has long been a fixture of Frames’ setlists) and the gloriously maniacal ‘Suds & Soda’ are simply indispensable.

But as this 30-track collection shows, the band have no shortage of absorbing songs, including ‘Slow’ which features Karin Dreijer Andersson of the sadly defunct The Knife and the marvellously anthemic ‘Instant Street’.

From demented rock outs one moment to wistful ballads the next, this is an excellent introduction to a band who should be a lot higher up the food chain.

Key tracks: ‘Instant Street’; ‘Suds & Soda’; ‘Slow’

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