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World's best Irish dancers compete for Ed Sheeran's eye as he searches for talent

An Irish dancing group is attempting to help Ed Sheeran find talent after he announced he's looking for dancers to star in an upcoming music video.

The Thinking Out Loud singer sent the Irish dancing world into meltdown when he made shared his plans during the week.

“I’m definitely shooting a video for the song in Ireland,” the singer told 2fm’s Eoghan McDermott.

“I will be doing it [casting] because I need proper ceili dancers,” he added.


Ed Sheeran is looking for Irish talent

Ed Sheeran is looking for Irish talent

Ed Sheeran is looking for Irish talent

The song, which features a trad band from Belfast, includes a fiddle, pipe and a bodhran and the Sing musician has predicted it will become something of an anthem for his Irish fans.

Although it's not yet been revealed how he will scout for dancers, one group took it upon themselves to show Ed how skilled some professionals are.

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Progressive dance crew Fusion Fighters have decided to launch a campaign dubbed #STEP4SHEERAN in a bit to showcase all of the amazing talent our Irish Dance community has to offer.

The group got in contact with some of the world's best dancers to make a compilation video that they hope to get going viral.  The video, which was put together in less than a day, features current World Champions, leading show stars and members of the Fusion Fighters Crew dancing to Ed’s new song ‘Castle on the Hill’.

The Fusion Fighters has a reputation for going viral with more than 20 million views on their YouTube videos in 2016.

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