Sunday 19 January 2020

'We either need to get a better song or better singer to win', says Eurovision flop Brendan

Ireland's Eurovision 2017 contender Brendan Murray performs the song
Ireland's Eurovision 2017 contender Brendan Murray performs the song "Dying To Try" Photo: AP

Sean O'Grady

Brendan Murray has admitted he's not sure if RTEs need to send a "better song or a better singer" to Eurovision next year if they want a chance of making the final again.

Ireland has not reached the finals of the song contest since 2013 and Brendan was the most recent singer to fail to qualify this year in Kiev, Ukraine.

"I don't know if we need to send a better song or send a better singer maybe, hopefully we can improve anyway. They should definitely open up the selection process a bit and come up with other ideas," he said.

With Eurovision bigger than ever, the Galway man reckons it has become harder for countries to stand out from the crowd.

The former Hometown singer also pointed out that the competition has changed considerably since Ireland enjoyed three wins in a row during the Nineties.

"It's a different competition nowadays. We need to remember we're a small country and the Eurovision is getting bigger and bigger.

"It's not the same competition it was in the Nineties. There's countries like Israel and Australia competing now. There's a Chinese delegation as well," he told the Herald Diary.

Despite not making the final, Brendan is glad he took part: "The whole thing felt like a movie. It's hard to believe it's over. It was a wonderful experience. I got a great reception from my town, there's people putting up banners and everything, it's mad."

While millions watch the show every year, Brendan admitted he didn't let his nerves get the better of him.

"I actually wasn't that nervous, I was more nervous for the jury final the night before. When I hopped up on stage on the night, I just pictured myself in my bedroom," he said.

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