Thursday 20 June 2019

'We didn't even pay our own electricity bills - our accountants did that' - Westlife reveal just how far removed from reality they were in the band

Westlife will appear on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight (Matt Crossick/PA)
Westlife will appear on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight (Matt Crossick/PA)
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Westlife have revealed just how far removed from reality their lives were during their first 14 year run in the band.

Nicky Byrne, Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, and Kian Egan were all aged between 18 and 20 when the band formed two decades ago and over the course of those 14 years they had phenomenal success, selling over 40 million studio albums.

However, when they split six years ago, they were more than ready to get out of the "bubble".

Speaking to the Irish Mail on Sunday's magazine, Nicky said that by the end of their time in the band they had become a "bit arrogant".

"By the end we disrespected what we had.  Maybe we all became a bit arrogant.  We'd done it for so long we took it for granted. We were still lighting the fire on stage, but how long can you fake it for?" he said.

Mark added, "We didn't enjoy being Westlife anymore.  I wanted a 'normal' life.  We'd never had to book flights or go to the supermarket.  When I got the chance to, I loved it."

Speaking about living in that bubble, Nicky added that some pop stars fall foul of the deal.

"Our whole life before was about having people to do everything for you," he said.

"We didn't even pay our own electricity bills.  Our accountants did that.  It can screw you up being so removed from reality.  Some people, like Michael Jackson, come to the fork in the road and go the other way."

The reunion, they said, is not about money as they previously turned down an offer 'worth millions' to reform, but it was not the right time.

Now, however, is the right time.  Recently reformed, they have just released their first single in eight years, Hello My Love.  A new album is also in the offing and they're heading off on a 32-date sold out tour in May, with two dates at Croke Park in June.

Their Twenty Tour kicks off in May in Belfast.

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