Friday 24 January 2020

WATCH: Top model Irma Mali plunges into freezing water for Paul McDonnell's Storm Chaser video

Irma Mali in the video for Paul McDonnell's Storm Chaser
Irma Mali in the video for Paul McDonnell's Storm Chaser
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Top model Irma Mali has gone back to her music video roots after landing a starring role in a new release.

And the Lithuanian-born model (30) showed she was no diva as she suffered for her art by plunging into freezing-cold water at Portrane beach.

The First Options model filmed the music video as a favour to a friend, namely Paul McDonnell for his new single Storm Chaser.

“I really enjoyed doing it. I have known Paul for years, we have the same group of friends and it was a great experience. I just did it as a favour for him. I love the song,” she said.

Irma Mali. PIC: Aetherlight Photography
Irma Mali. PIC: Aetherlight Photography

No stranger to music videos, she first sprang to prominence as the female love interest in the video for The Script’s monster hit Breakeven.

And Irma’s hoping to give pal Paul a boost on his own climb on the showbiz ladder.

“I think his music and lyrics are beautiful. I’m hoping this will do well for him. He really deserves it,” she said.

She filmed the video on a bitterly cold day in March, wearing just a floaty white dress – and says it was a chilly experience as she took the plunge into the sea.

“I was shaking with the cold and going, ‘Oh my God I hope this doesn’t show on camera’. But it was a great experience, I didn’t mind doing it’,” she said.

The big-hearted model is also helping to drum up funds for a good cause – helping orphaned children in Zambia, having flown there last October to help in building shelters.

She’s now helping organise a fundraising dinner in Indie Spice in Swords on Wednesday, April 13, with 100pc of the profits going towards Zamda Ireland.

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