Tuesday 16 July 2019

WATCH: The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon grapples with a lovely horse in My Lovely Horse Rescue campaign video

Neil Hannon
Neil Hannon
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Neil Hannon is lending his name, and his dulcet tones, to a campaign to raise funds to buy hay for horses rescued by the My Lovely Horse Rescue.

The organisation was founded six years ago and named after The Divine Comedy star's legendary 'My Lovely Horse' song, which he wrote with Father Ted co-creators Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews.

Neil is now a patron and appears in the campaign video (although it's clear he's no natural horseman!) which aims to raise €60,000 to keep their 250 rescue horses - and those abandoned without foods in fields all over the country - fed this winter.

It's a particularly tough year for the charity since the months of good weather mean a reduction in the amount of hay available for the winter - the price of a bale of hay has more than doubled to €40 since last year.

In the video Neil attempts climb up on rescue horse Charlie's back to since a few bars of 'My Lovely Horse' and call people to action. It doesn't quite go to plan.

Once the first target of €20,000 is raised he'll perform 'My Lovely Horse' in another video for the charity.

All donations are welcome but there are also packages for those who can afford to dig a little deeper.  For example, if you donate €100 or more you'll receive a signed Christmas card from Neil. 

If you donate €4000 you can win an exclusive VIP package for 12 people to spend an action packed day at the rescue centre where you'll be given a tour with co-founder Cathy Davey and enjoy an intimate acoustic performance by Neil Hannon.

Perfect for horse-lovers, Neil lovers, or a stag or hen.  My Lovely Horse Rescue is run entirely by volunteers and every cent donated goes to the animals. 

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