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WATCH: The Coronas take Barry Egan track-by-track through new album Trust the Wire

Danny O'Reilly says The Coronas will never split up because the bandmates are so close. Photo: David Conachy
Danny O'Reilly says The Coronas will never split up because the bandmates are so close. Photo: David Conachy
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

The Coronas take Barry Egan through each track on their brilliant new album Trust the Wire...

We Couldn't Fake It

Danny O’Reilly: “Lyrically and musically, it was the right choice to open the album. Sonically it's a great representation of the sound of the album and the theme of regaining focus; and doing what you love for the right reasons reoccur a few times throughout.”

Conor Egan: “An exciting new route for me as most of the drums are electric samples. One of my favourites on the album.”

Dave McPhillips: “Great lyric and melody. I really like the electronic drums that Egan brought to the table. Really kick started our approach to making this album.”

Graham Knox aka Knoxy: “First single off the album and out first venture with drum pads.. Came together very easy.”


Real Feel

Danny: “An upbeat, positive, feel-good song that actually took a lot of work to get right. We demoed the song 2 or 3 times but thankfully Eliot James's production really brought the song to life. It kept its poppy strengths but also sat in sonically with the rest of the album.”

Conor: “A punchy number with summer vibes. I can't wait to play this one live.”

Dave: “Never quite got this song right when we practiced it ourselves but Eliot's production really helped embrace the pop-tastic elements of it and it really worked. Roisin O singing backing vocals on it as well was a lovely texture to add. It feels like a great summer song to me now.”

Knoxy:  “We tried to go down a lot of routes with this song and it never felt right but when Eliot got his hands on it he pointed us in the right direction.”


A Bit Withdrawn

Danny: “Probably my favourite song on the album. I like its understated vibe sonically but also vocally, with its laid-back delivery.”

Conor: “A great vibe to this song. My favourite on the album.”

Dave:  “This was a song Danny sent on just before we went in to record the album. I was struck by the lyrics. They're very personal but very universal at the same time. 'I nod along, but I'm a bit withdrawn...' I guess we were all feeling a bit like that this year at times and I thought Danny captured it beautifully.”

Knoxy: “Lovely stuff.”


Gut Feeling

Knoxy:  “We never actually demoed this song which is odd for us so most of it was arranged and written in the studio.”

Conor: “Thrown in the deep end in studio with Gut Feeling as only written close to recording. Turned out great.”

Dave:  “This song started from a piano riff Danny had. I called over to his house one day to go through a couple things and we wrote that song in 20 mins. One of my favourite days.”

Danny: “It was so nice to see this song develop from being written by myself and Dave on just a piano and acoustic guitar to what it turned out to be. The song is pretty self explanatory lyrically, but love how it came together sonically in the end.”


Give Me a Minute

Danny: “One of the first songs we wrote for the album, it came together quickly and in truth it didn't change too much from the demo. I like that about Eliot's production. He doesn't always need to make his mark on a song. He knew the demo sounded good so he didn't want to change too much.”

Conor: “A great builder of a song. Very powerful.”

Dave: “Danny wrote this when we were still in London and it was always going to feature in our next album. He played it for me and I had no suggestions at all, 'sounds great, man ‘. Song stayed exactly the same from then until now.”

Knoxy: “Danny brought it to us when we were writing in Dave’s house in Ballymoney. It's basically stayed the same since the first time we played it that day.”


Who We Are

Danny:  “This song came together from scratch in Dingle. To me it's about how tough times in relationships, friendships etc can often help show the real side of those involved.”

Conor: “A great start to the second half of the album that had been going down well live in the run up to recording.”

Dave: “We wrote this one day down in Dingle from scratch. We had just a drum beat and a couple of chords and it seemed to work. The lyric reflects a friendship/relationship changing and I really love Danny's vocal in it   More downbeat but in a way that's more effective for the sentiment of the song.”

Knoxy:  “Debuted at our run of 3 nights last Christmas in the Olympia Theatre.”


Have No Age

Danny: “A beautiful moment sonically and lyrically that Dave brought to the table. When I heard his original rough demo of the song I knew it had something special and many of those original sounds and ideas ended up on the final version.”

Conor: “A song that Dave brought to us with a great sounding demo. The arrangement changed but not much else, definitely a different sound from old Coronas tunes.”

Dave: “This was an idea I had and I was aiming to go down a slightly electronic route with it sonically.. We shuffled the structure around a lot but the lyric, ‘when I'm with you I have no age…' was the thought I liked about it. Being best friends with someone and still talking the same way to each other regardless of how much time passes is a unique thing. And I was trying to capture what that meant to me.”

Knoxy: “Written in Berlin, arranged in Dingle and recorded in London.”


Like it Used To Be

Knoxy:  “Originally demoed for The Long Way [album, 2014] but we couldn't find the right vibe for it.. In the end, we went down the organic route and recorded it live over a few takes and then threw some Mellotron on top of it afterwards.”

Conor: “A touch of electric drums to this one again. A lovely mellow vibe.”

Dave:  “This was a song we wrote with Ollie Cole a couple years ago. I like the idea of making resolutions to start over on New Year's Eve but knowing that those resolutions probably won't last.”

Danny: “Another song that didn't change too much from demo to final version, especially with its arrangement. A simple, organic song, co-written with our good friend Ollie Cole.”


Not What You Know

Knoxy: “Another oldie we decided to revisit. Originally written way back in 2011 for the Closer To You album sessions.”

Conor: “Little bit of work done to this in studio and for the better I think. Great stomper of a tune.”

Dave: “This was another old song that was always fun to play. Eliot helped us develop it more by adding a crescendo bridge at the end. So looking forward to playing it live and hoping it goes down well.”

Danny:  “A bit of a Coronas folk-y throwback. The original chorus was actually written years ago. Knoxy had gone through some old demos and spotted its potential and we worked on it in Dingle and it came together very quickly."


Look at All The Lovers

Danny: “I love the production on this song. As soon as Eliot suggested the crescendo of the crashing drums in the outro we knew it would be a great album closer.”

Knoxy: “First time I've ever played bass chords on a song.. Enjoyed it so much we decided to throw some on Gut Feeling also .”

Conor: “Not much for me to do in this but it's worth it for the epic ending. A great way to finish the album.”

Dave: “This was a song Danny, myself and Ollie put together very quickly one afternoon. We actually spent a while working on another song but this one was much better and came together much quicker. I like the lyric.  It points out how brave it is to join your life to someone else's and how sometimes you got to just trust the wire you're walking on .”

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