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WATCH: Noel Gallagher cuts down Cork heckler with expletive-ridden response at Marquee gig


High Flying Birds frontman Noel Gallagher is not one for biting his tongue and one heckler got a lashing from him during a gig in Cork last night.

The Cork punter asked the former Oasis star to perform hit song The Importance of Being Idle, but to his disappointment, Gallagher said he doesn't play that song anymore.

Not taking the news too well, the heckler screamed up "Where's Liam?" referring to Noel's brother, who are both known for their very public arguments.

Gallagher didn't take the jibe too well at all, with an expletive-ridden reply.

"For the benefit of everybody here, there's some comedian here who's just said 'where's Liam?'," the singer said to a chorus of boos.

"Liam's at the mixing desk everybody, he's come to see us tonight. Fortunately, he's still not as big a c**** as you are."

Watch the video filmed by Efrat Weisman above.

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