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Monday 16 September 2019

WATCH: New music video shows real character of Limerick city

Emma Langford in her new music video. Photo: YouTube
Emma Langford in her new music video. Photo: YouTube

Jason Kennedy

A talented young singer-songwriter has featured some of Limerick City's most stunning hidden gems in her second music video.

Limerick woman Emma Langford's song Closed Book is about people who don't appreciate the world that surrounds them.

"Lyrically, the song is a middle-finger to the guy who goes about their day so caught up in their own self-importance that they never fully appreciate the world around them; blind to the beauty of the small things, and the kindness of the people surrounding them," she told Independent.ie.

"Limerick is a vibrant, beautiful, creative city with a deeply ingrained sense of community spirit - Closed Book speaks to the person who is blind to that."

Almost two years ago, independent.ie spoke to Emma after she posted a song to YouTube that dealt with her anxiety and unease. Since then, the 27-year-old has released an EP, an album and debuted her first music video The Seduction of Eve, which has more than 10,000 plays on YouTube.

Songs from her album Quiet Giant are also frequently played on national radio.

"It's taken me about two years to bring the songs to fruition and have them studio ready with the right musicians and producers. Every song is different though" she said.

"My favourite thing about doing this full-time is the confidence I've developed in my craft and myself and getting to know myself as an artist and a person has been really really great.

"Touring teaches that, you play venues and gigs that are amazing, and others that just don't suit you - but you won't know any of that until you give it a shot."

Emma's discography will be available on all streaming sites later this month.

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