Monday 18 March 2019

WATCH: Mariah Carey and James Corden's hilarious car karaoke and accent battle

Mariah Carey and James Corden doing carpool karaoke
Mariah Carey and James Corden doing carpool karaoke
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

James Corden is making quite the impression on his first week hosting The Late Late Show.

Not only did he wangle a marriage confession out of Mila Kunis but he also reenacted all of Tom Hanks movie hits with the actor in just eight minutes.

And last night he launched a new segment called 'carpool karaoke' and his first passenger was Mariah Carey who accompanied him on his way to work as he tackled Los Angeles traffic as well as some of her hits including Vision of Love and Always Be My Baby.

They also took on each other's accents - him possibly more successfully than her...

Check it out:

WATCH: Tom Hanks and James Corden hilariously reenact all Hanks' movies on The Late Late Show 

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