Sunday 17 November 2019

WATCH: Madonna kisses Drake on stage at Coachella (and he doesn't look too impressed)

Madonna pulled Drake in for a passionate kiss while performing at Coachella - but he wasn't too impressed.

Last month the Queen of Pop revealed her one dream in life was to go on a date with the rapper and spend much of it kissing him.

Now part of that has been fulfilled, as the pair took to the stage at the Californian music festival together last night. Drake was headlining and brought Madonna on as a guest, with the 56-year-old performing her tracks Human Nature, Hung Up and Express Yourself. The latter ended with Drake sitting on a chair as Madonna stood behind him and then lent in for a passionate and open-mouthed smooch.

Initially the 28-year-old rapper seemed happy with proceedings, even reaching up to ruffle Madonna's long blonde hair - a move which didn't go down well with the singer.

"Dont touch the hair! Lol @coachella @bigasmadonna @b***himmadonna (sic)," she captioned a video of the encounter on Twitter.

Following the passionate display Madonna strutted off stage, clearly wanting to show she was in charge.

That meant she missed Drake's reaction, which was caught on camera and posted all over the internet. The star seemed astounded, and somewhat disgusted, by what happened and was seen screwing up his face and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

The moment might not have been a hit with Drake, but it went viral online. Fans quickly began poking fun at the musician's horrified expression, with some claiming he probably headed straight for a shower when he got off stage and others suggesting it's likely put him off sitting on a chair for life.

The rapper's reaction comes as something as a surprise though, as after Madonna revealed she wanted a date with him, he began publicly flirting with her online.

"I wanna ride with you," he wrote to her on Instagram, prompting a cringe-inducing exchange.

"Where too? (sic)," Madonna replied, promoting Drake to explain: "What if I pick you up from your house? We should get out."

"I'm good with that!" Madonna said.

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