Wednesday 19 June 2019

WATCH: Jedward release new music video for 'Make Your Own Luck' - featuring Perez Hilton

Clare Cullen

Jedward have released a new music video for the single 'Make Your Own Luck' - featuring an unexpected face.


Perez opens the video by opening his laptop and exclaiming "brand new Jedward!"

The video shows each twin living a completely different life - one with money and fame, the other working as a maid with no money. (The 'poor' twin has flat hair'

Perez is shown periodically in the video dancing to the tune, and ends the video with "That was fun! I love these boys".


This video shows a distinct move by the twins towards a more 'American' sound and look - with leather jackets and glistening, toned bodies in skinny jeans.

They've kept a lot of their upbeat and positive lyrics but with a less 'Jedward-esque' sound, opting for a softer transition from verse to chorus.

Perez's appearance is further proof the boys are trying to break America.

Perez Hilton is currently appearing on Celebrity Big Brother along with Katie Hopkins and Katie Price, in the most explosive series yet.

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