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WATCH: Irish band The Academic going viral with mesmerizing first-of-a-kind Facebook Live looping video for 'Bear Claws'



The Acadmic 'Bear Claws' video

The Acadmic 'Bear Claws' video

The Acadmic 'Bear Claws' video

Irish band The Academic are heading for a million hits on their new video which uses Facebook Live's time lag to create a visual loop pedal.

The effect is pretty mesmerizing!

The Mullingar band achieved it by rearranging each instrument on their news track Bear Claws to fit Facebook Live's delay. 

On each loop they added instruments, rhythms and melodies and combined it with projecting the video live from a soundstage and if you're already wondering WTF then just check it out in all its visual glory:

Frontman Craig Fitzgerald says, “by ‘hacking’ Facebook Live we really tried to push our live performance to a different type of level. Everything had to be timed perfectly. From the musical loops to the choreography.

"We noticed a delay in Facebook live from the moment you go live, to the moment it actually shows up on people’s walls. This inspired us and we thought it’d be cool to turn that lag into a video and audio sampler.”

The Academic, who have sold out shows across Europe and supported bands including The Strokes and Noel Gallagher, are currently on a 25 date US tour and will play their only Irish headline show at Vicar Street on November 4.

Their debut LP will release early next year.

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